Bordeaux BALListik elite troops target Bucharest Challenger success

The sixth largest metropolitan area in France sends its BALListik elite troops to Bucharest Challenger. The mission: to make a name for Bordeaux – other than the home of fine wines.

The four “Bordelais” come to Bucharest in an unusual formula: Eddy Steiner, the shortest of the French players, only 1.81 m, sets the traditional core with Charles Albert. The two made a first appearance on the FIBA World Tour last year in Debrecen with a 11th place finish and were forced to recruit two new teammates, as Alex Vialaret and Aurelien Blanchard are injured since the 3×3 Masters Finals in Belgium, where the team finished in seventh position (end of July). Thus, the other two players who will make the trip to Bucharest are Marvin Moulart and Simon Cluzeau (20 years old, 2.02 m – he debuted as a pro in the 2nd tier Basketball League in France, as a teenager – age 17).

Star player: Eddy Steiner

Ballistik’s captain is the fourth French basketball player in the FIBA 3×3 World Rankings (# 79). Garonne’s point guard (in the 4th tier 5X5 basketball  league in France – NM 2) led France’s national team to the silver medals at the World University 3×3 Basketball Championship 2014, in Brazil. He pursued a Master’s Degree at the University of Bordeaux to become a professor for  Social and Economic Sciences. Eddy is described by the French media as a talented, hard-working and always mindful, modest player.

At 25, Eddy plays a physical game and loves contact – something he points out for Le Bien Public. He started playing on the half-sized court three years ago and Steiner says that “3×3 basketball helps him develop as a person” and has improved his defense performance. Eddy enjoys every opportunity to travel that 3×3 tour has to offer.

The 6th Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Challenger records participation from a French team for the first time, after formerly seeing strong nations like the US, Canada, Great Britain, Spain, Croatia, Serbia and Russia send squads for the competition held in the University Square.

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