Sport Arena Streetball – The Story

Two wooden boards, with fragile rims. Two poor benches, with some parts missing. A weather-bitten concrete court. And 20-25 people just waiting to get on the court to show their skills.

It was a place where tough battles were carried every day and only the strongest used to survive, until their last drop of sweat or until the dark made any shot impossible.

This particular scenery brought out a huge amount of passion, despite the poor conditions.. It was simply about playing basketball no matter what!

Almost a decade has passed. The Old wooden boards are now new and shiny full basketball systems, the old benches are big stands for the fans and the concrete court is just an archeological item, well conserved under the state of the art plastic surface.

And it’s not just a one-night Cinderella type of change.

Sport Arena Streetball has become the top 3-on-3-basketball competition in Romania, has has lived through this tough crisis times and now reached an even higher goal, the one of  international recognition.

One thing never changed from the time we wore out shoe soles on the concrete court: the passion! It has been passed on by the thousands of players fans and special guests and you can feel it in every corner of the arena. Each of those went a long way to make this tournament successful and unique in Romania.

So, further on, we are waiting for you to come to Sport Arena Streetball to play basketball like it’s meant to be played: with passion and fair play!

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