Sport Arena Streetball at full speed!

The third tournament from Sport Arena Streetball, the only 3×3 basketball championship in Romania, was at full speed at the end of June and the beginning of July.

The registration was so fast that if you blinked, you almost missed your chance. 162 teams registered in 165 minutes, testing hard our on-line system. And it was only the beginning.

With the pedal to the metal we continued with the first games Friday evening, and on Saturday it was the real test.

The national rally champion of Romania, Vali Porcisteanu, together with two of his teammates, Edwin Keleti and Alex Filip, three of the fastest men in Romania, showed us that the skills behind the wheel can be useful also on a basketball court.

One of the rally cars was brought to basketball court and a Blake Griffin impersonation was made by two young Romanian dunkers, Vlad Muscurel and Tudor Boruz.

But this was not all. Those young guns needed some good advice about jumping. And who could be more appropriate to share some knowledge about leaving the sole than the European Champion at high jump, Esthera Petre, who took a relaxing break in the middle of her preparation for the Olympic Games in London.

And if we went fast and high, the next stop was “strong”. X-treme Brother left all the audience like in a dentist chair. The finalists of the Romanian’s Got Talent show, offered an amazing exposure of power, grace and a little bit of insanity. And in the end they proved that is a much easier way to dunk the ball, the human pyramid. But, please, don’t try this at home!

After this breathtaking moments, was time again to push the pedal for the Skills Challenge and the Three Point Shootout, two events that completed our new concept of entertainment, The Saturday Night Show.

Sunday we were back to business. The best teams battled hard for a presence on the podium, and again, like at the second tournament from 2012, the big favorites lost in the final, after another epic game. That makes the fight for the Master Tournament (10-12 august) more interesting.

The fourth tournament (20-22 of July) will be a crucial one, serving as a qualifier for Romanian teams at Bucharest Challenger, the international FIBA 3×3 World Tour tournament which will take place on 4th-5th august in the Romanian Capital city.

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