Last chance to advance to the Raiffeisen Bank eSport Arena Streetball Final

The fourth and final tournament before the major one in December, takes place this end of the week. Raiffeisen Bank eSport Arena Streetball is back and is reuniting both NBA and gaming fans in what will be the last chance for the participants to qualify for the final event at the end of the year. For those of you who are not aware of the competiton format, this will be a 3×3 blacktop with NBA players, and before every game, each competitor will draft his players.

Th event organized by Sport Arena Streetball has brought hundreds of participants, this variety is going to be observed in this tournament as well, as the youngest participant is 6 years old, while the oldest is 37. The competitions is split within 2 categories, Xbox and Play Station, where we already have some rivalries. The winner of last tourney on Play Station 4, xMonst3rRO, who is also the second in the rankings, already has 2 matches against the number 1 seed, Taviann_. Actually those two showcased a very intense final at the last event. On the Xbox side, LucaH32 is the undisputed leader, although he missed the second tournament, but managed to win the other two. The first 16 players on the rankings, will participate in the final event in December.

The ones of you who will follow the competition on the livestream, which will be on the Youtube and Facebook channel Sport Arena Streetball, can win instant prizes by answering first to the questions that will be asked during the broadcast. Meanwhille, every participant that answers correctly will enter a giveaway for a chance to win a Play Station 4 Pro offered by Raiffeisen Bank. We hope that you will join the show and our debates about the latest news from the NBA, and also about the latest information about subjects from the world of basketball and the gaming world. The broadcast starts at 14:00 both Saturday and Sunday and by evening we will crown the champions. We promise you high level of entertainment, crazy plays, good time, and last by not least, prizes for both the players and the spectators.

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