First news about the 2023 Sport Arena Streetball season

The 2023 season of the 3×3 basketball circuit Sport Arena Streetball will start on the 12-14 weekend in May, with a tournament that will take place at the Poli Arena sports base, at the Politehnica University of Bucharest. 

The new season also comes with a number of changes both in terms of the prizes at stake and the registration and participation fees. 

Thus, for the first time in the history of Sport Arena Streetball, cash prizes will be awarded in several age categories, not only in the Men’s Open, and the fund provided by the participation fee will be redirected to prize money for all age categories, either in cash or in objects from partners (for categories U10, U12, U14). 

Another novelty is the payment of the participation fee, which will be done online via the platform. It will be paid only per team, by one player (team captain) and has a fixed amount regardless of the number of players in the team (three or four). 

For the first tournament, on 12-14 May, the participation fee is €150/team and includes, for all the players, the official game shirt. 

From the second tournament onwards, the participation fee will be 50 euros/team, and players who do not already have an official match shirt can purchase it directly from the organizers at the tournament venue. 

Registration for each tournament will be done on the official website,, and will start as usual, at 15:00 on the Monday of the tournament week. For the first round, registration will therefore start on 8 May at 15:00 and will be limited to 130 teams, cumulatively, in all categories, or until Wednesday 10 May at 23:00. 

The grand final of the Sport Arena Streetball Tour 2023 will take place in Constanta from 8-10 September.

The Sport Arena Streetball tournaments are also open to players from outside the country, with the exception that in the case of participation in the Men’s Open category, teams with foreign players will not be able to qualify for the final in Constanta. The Sport Arena Streetball 2023 champion in the Men’s Open category will represent Romania in the FIBA 3×3 World Tour.

The calendar for the 2023 season is as follows:

  • 12-14 May – Bucharest, Politehnica – Tournament 1
  • 26-28 May – Bucharest, Politehnica – Tournament 2
  • 30 June-2 July – Bucharest, Politehnica – Tournament 3
  • 28-30 July – Bucharest, Politehnica – Tournament 4
  • 25-27 August – Bucharest, Politehnica – Tournament 5
  • 8-10 September – Constanta – Final

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